Glen Oaks Co-op is a six storey high-rise housing co-operative centrally located in Oakville, Ontario.  We provide mixed income affordable housing for a diverse community.

Covid-19 latest update for Halton Region and The town of Oakville:

About Housing Co-ops

Glen Oaks Co-op is a housing co-op, which is an organization controlled by it’s members.  The co-operative operates democratically to make decisions.  Each member has a vote, has the right to be informed about what is going on in the Co-op and the right to stand for election to the Board of Directors.  


Tour our Co-op

Glen Oaks Co-operative Homes offers you the opportunity to view our units and our common areas through our virtual tours.  Please tour around and get to know our building.


Apply to our Co-op

As a mixed income community we provide homes to members paying market housing charges as well as to those paying subsidized housing charges.  In either case as an applicant you voluntarily apply to become a member of our co-operative community.


Co-op Housing: More than Just a Home

This short documentary visits five housing co-ops across Canada, interviewing members and managers about how co-op housing transforms neighbourhoods and improves people’s lives.